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      Maintex owns existing factory more than 26 thousand square meters, net assets over billions of dollars, nearly a thousand employees, and over 30 production lines with the annual output of more than 35 million units.The company has passed ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14000 and other quality system certifications,and constantly making use of the advantages of technology and parts manufacturing to develop high quality and cost effective motor products.Maintex always adhere to the policy of "People oriented and Superior quality”, with a result of over 99% pass rate of products quality. Product sales of Maintex covering over twenty countries and regions around the world, and has been widely praised by customers. At present, the company's main products are precision permanent- magnet stepping motor, permanent magnet DC  .  .           more+


  • ALPS1
  • Fuji
  • fusikangm
  • IKA1
  • lijiujia
  • omron
  • timg
  • toshiba1
  • tplink
  • 艾美特
  • 奥玛
  • 顶尖
  • 富士通
  • 海康
  • 可比世
  • 联创
  • 日立
  • 松下
  • 旭精工


Strong precision manufacturing strength

Covers an area of over 26 thousand square meters, with a total assets of over 100 billion, and working staffs more than 800 people, Maintex owns nearly a hundred senior technical staffs, and the annual output is more than 35 million units of motor.



Continuous improvement of R & D

Certified as National/Shenzhen High and New Technology Enterprise

Introduced the world leading micro motor design, develop and applications from Fuji Micro.

Email:info@tronkon.com & sales@maintexpt.com

Complete service system

24 hours quick response mechanism

High efficient and professional market development team, including marketing specialist and technicians from Japan and Taiwan.

With on time delivery rate over 98%, customer complaint rate lower than 2%, and the score of customer satisfaction survey was over 90 points.


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