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When the treadmill controller is broken how to repair

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When the treadmill controller is broken how to repair

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Treadmill controllers have a lot of humble, but very important widgets, and treadmill controllers are one of them. Do not look at the controller humble, but your treadmill start, advance and retreat, stop all depends on it.

Treadmill controller failure, the reasons are generally the following four kinds:

1, power device is damaged

Power device damage, generally have the following possibilities: motor damage caused by the power of their own poor quality or selection level is not enough; device installation or vibration caused by loose; motor overload caused; power device driver circuit damage or parameters Unreasonable design.跑步机控制器

2, the controller internal power supply damage

Controller internal power supply damage, generally have the following possibilities: the controller internal circuit short circuit; peripheral control components short circuit; external lead short circuit.

3, the controller is intermittent work

The controller itself is intermittent, generally have the following possibilities: the device itself in the high temperature or low temperature environment parameters drift; controller overall design power consumption caused by some devices local temperature is too high and make the device itself into the protection state; Poor contact.

4, cable wear and bad connector or fall off caused control signal loss

Connection line wear and contact with the plug bad or fall off, generally have the following possibilities: wire selection is unreasonable; the protection of the wire is not complete; connector crimping is not strong.

The installation of the controller should pay attention to the main points

The controller control the motor, we must be careful in the controller when the installation, wiring can not be sloppy, turn the line is best not to plug, it is best to turn the line directly connected with insulating tape "bandage" good, because Turn the connector in case the water will cause the car does not go or the speed is not controlled by the dangerous. There are power lines, the motor line to be real, it is best to use solder soldering, so as to avoid bad contact and damage! While avoiding riding due to virtual connection caused by wire burning or motor line adhesion and burn the controller!

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