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The 13th China International Motor Exhibition and Development Forum

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The 13th China International Motor Exhibition and Development Forum

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May 15-17, 2014, MOTOR CHINA 2014 The 13th China International Motor Exhibition and Development Forum will be presented at the Shanghai Pudong Expo Expo. The exhibition will focus on the products, technologies and equipment in the field of electrical machine, motor control system and device, motor test equipment, motor manufacturing equipment, motor parts and other products, including many well-known brands debut and Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, USA, national and regional pavilions.

By then, there will be more than 40 countries and regions from around the world very competitive nearly 700 motor manufacturers and supporting related products manufacturers exhibitors, many domestic and foreign enterprises to come to the participants. Through the platform to enhance the motor-related and supporting facilities procurement sector understanding, understanding and friendship, to promote cooperation between the supply and demand sides win-win situation. Over the same period will also be held "2014 thirteenth International Motor Development Forum", many domestic and foreign motor companies and supporting enterprises of the participants, will provide industry enterprises with a publicity, display and cooperation platform and good marketing channels. Here we will "highlight the brand, pioneering and innovative, energy efficient, pragmatic, and strengthen the service," the purpose of the exhibition, with unique creativity, scientific and rational integration of communication and excellent service to a new concept for the majority of exhibitors "High standards, high-grade, high-quality" display exchange stage, to build China's electrical industry's largest, most valuable and most authoritative event.深圳正德

Exhibition - City

Shanghai is the fastest growing city in the world economy and has been a pioneer city of China's economic development. Shanghai-2010 World Expo has made it not only China's Shanghai, but also on the world stage such as London, New York and Tokyo. Enjoy the "world city" status, become the focus of world attention. Shanghai as the world's manufacturing base, the world's exhibition capital, but also foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market an important window, has become a global business battleground.

Shenzhen Zhengde Exhibition publicity: the organization will step by step on this exhibition advertising:

  Professional media: "China Bearing Network" "explosion-proof motor" "micro motor" "China Automotive Motor Network" "China Powder Metallurgy Network" "Motor Technology" "Great Motor Technology" "Global Hardware Network" "Electrical Business" "China's electrical information network," "Electrical and Mechanical Integration", "electrical and electrical technology", "the national electrical and electrical equipment to adopt enough DM" "China's gear machine network," "home appliances newsletter," "China Electrical Maintenance Network" "China's electrical machinery network", "China's electrical network", "China's electrical network", "China's mechanical network", "China's mechanical network" Special motor network "" China Insulation Network "and so on.

2, the mass media are: "China Industrial News" "Xinmin Evening News" "Liberation Daily" "Morning News" "News afternoon" "Shanghai Economic News" and so on.

3, the audience invited: the industry through a variety of journals, communications, Web sites, meetings to carry out extensive and effective publicity, invited the relevant industrial areas of the manufacturers, agents, users, distributors, buyers, research institutions, Design institutes and other professionals to visit, and negotiate with the exhibitors. The organizers will visit the design, application and technical personnel and purchasers of electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, transportation, light industry, construction, mining, environmental protection and machinery manufacturing, etc., through the society, Negotiate. According to the organizers of the relevant units accumulated over the years the database, each important customers will be invited.

Exhibition range

■ Motor:

Large motor, stepper motor, DC motor, special motor, vibration motor, permanent magnet motor, traction motor, geared motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, motor, Synchronous motor, series motor, automotive motors, household appliances, such as motor;

■ Motor control systems and devices:

Motor control systems and servo systems, drives, governors, numerical control devices, frequency converters, switching equipment, converters, special equipment, power electronic devices and devices;

■ magnetic materials:

All kinds of permanent magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials, magnetic materials production and testing equipment, carbon products and electrical alloys, and so on;

■ Manufacturing equipment category:

Winder, welding machine, punching equipment, insulation coating equipment, plastic press, special processing equipment, magnetizing machine, tooling, production lines, etc.

■ Test equipment and equipment categories:

  Armature detector, motor comprehensive performance tester, dynamic balancing machine, power tester, dynamometer, insulation performance tester, magnetic measuring instruments, on-line detector, CAT, mechanical testing equipment;

■ Related products:

Bearing, commutator, brush, commutator, mold, fan, core, shaft, punch, end cover, thermal protector, wire, insulation materials, engineering plastics, junction box,


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