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You do not know the treadmill controller maintenance skills Daquan

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You do not know the treadmill controller maintenance skills Daquan

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Treadmill in the beginning of the implementation of the stage, when the network information is not as well developed, many times the treadmill accessories out of the fault to find repair master. Encountered a good repair master, the price can be affordable some, if the day halfway on the car is broken, is to be "slaughtered" end.

Especially the treadmill controller, this core components, usually they are not afraid to repair, can only be slaughtered. However, after so many years of fought, I also summed up some of the controller troubleshooting and maintenance of knowledge, here to share to you, hoping to have some help.

The earliest heard and contact the controller is a high standard controller, with so many years have always felt that their home product quality is very good. Usually very few failures, the reaction is also very sensitive. Now their own online mall also launched a set of self-learning mode, above the road map and video, you can control learning. My summary, but also with reference to the high standard maintenance staff given the proposed repair.

Under normal circumstances the controller failure there are the following reasons:


When the treadmill controller is not output

Set the multimeter in +20 (DC) gear, first measure the gate output signal high and low potential. Such as pinch handle, the gate signal has more than 4V potential changes, you can rule out the brake bar failure. And then according to the brush controller commonly used on the track function table, and measure the voltage of the master logic chip logic circuit analysis, and check the chip peripheral devices (resistors, capacitors, diodes) and the value of the surface of the component Logo is consistent. Finally check the external device or integrated circuit failure, we can replace the same type of device to troubleshoot.

When the treadmill controller is not output at all

Refer to the brushless motor controller main phase check measurement chart, with a multimeter DC voltage +50 V file, check the 6 MOS tube gate voltage and turn the rotation angle is corresponding to the relationship. If there is no, that the controller in the PWM circuit or MOS tube drive circuit is faulty. Refer to the brushless controller main phase check chart, measure the chip input and output pin voltage and turn the rotation angle is the corresponding relationship, you can determine which chip is faulty, replace the same type of chip to troubleshoot.

When the treadmill controller is missing

Treadmill controller power supply and brake failure can refer to the brush controller troubleshooting method to exclude, the brushless controller, there are unique symptoms, such as missing phase. Electric vehicle brushless controller phase loss phenomenon can be divided into the main phase phase loss and Hall lack of two cases.

The main phase of the phase detection method can refer to the treadmill controller exclusion method to detect whether the breakdown of the MOS tube, brushless controller MOS tube breakdown is generally a phase up and down two pairs of MOS tube at the same time breakdown, Make sure to replace at the same time. Check the measurement point. The lack of performance of the treadmill controller is that the controller does not recognize the motor Hall signal.

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