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What motor is the motor in the treadmill?

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What motor is the motor in the treadmill?

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     Electric treadmill is the gym and the family more upscale equipment, it is driven by running the motor with a different speed of passive running or walking. Due to the passive formation of running and walking, from the action shape point of view, almost with the ordinary on the ground to run or go the same, but from the human body point of view, running on the electric treadmill, walking than the ordinary run, go to save a pedal action. It is this point so that every person running on the electric treadmill feel very relaxed and comfortable, can make people run more than 1/3 of the distance around the ordinary, energy consumption than ordinary go, run for more. In addition, because the electronic treadmill on the electronic auxiliary equipment is very much, you can experience a different running environment, such as flat run, uphill running, hills running, variable speed running, you can choose according to your training purposes.


    DC motor (DC), DC motor is relatively safe, without regular maintenance, noise than the small communication, the output stability. Generally applicable to home treadmills. DC motor is not suitable for long-term operation, but the normal family, each running 1 hour, that is to work for 4 hours, or no problem. AC motor (AC), sustainable long-term operation, the output strong, but the need for regular maintenance, the sound is too large. Generally suitable for industrial use or gym commercial treadmill, the purpose is to be able to run for a long time. General household use treadmill, basically all DC motor. Let's talk about the horse's horsepower (HP), which is the rated power of the motor. 1HP is about equal to 735 watts. The market of home treadmill, generally 1.5HP, 1.75HP, 2HP, 2.5HP, 3HP or so. However, this HP value is not necessarily the actual horsepower when the treadmill is running. There are generally two types of identification, HP and CP.



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