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Motor drive to energy efficient motor program customization is worth your expectation

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Motor drive to energy efficient motor program customization is worth your expectation

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Integrated motor control schemes are increasingly integrated, such as motor and drive integration, motor controller and PLC integration, motor controller and driver integration. The integrated concept not only stays in the motor, motor drive and motor controller, but also integrates the entire motor system. For example, Siemens is currently promoting IDS (Integrated Drive System), including two levels, the first level is the horizontal integration, including the motor controller, motor drive, motor and reducer integration; the second level Is a vertical integration, is the motor system into the entire industrial control system, also known as TIA (Totally Integrated Automation Portal). The integrated trend of motor control requires semiconductor chip manufacturers to also provide integrated MCU, FPGA solutions, in a single chip to integrate more features, algorithms and industrial Ethernet.

Mechanical equipment in the motor shaft number more, the use of more flexible is becoming another trend. Multi-axis control is increasingly used in packaging machinery, electronic assembly machinery, food and beverage machinery and printing machinery. In order to meet the small batch, customization and flexible processing needs, customers need to be flexible to adjust the number of motor control shaft, requiring more complete motor control system can be repeated programming. These requirements make customer demand for motor control MCU, FPGA and DSP increasingly high. 8-bit MCU because of cheap, stable performance, the scope of application is extremely wide range, such as signal detection, LED lighting control, power conversion control and BLDC motor control, these applications 8-bit MCU is sufficient. But the 32-bit MCU is eroding 8-bit MCU market, mainly because 8-bit MCU in more and more environments have encountered bottlenecks, such as inverter control, servo motor control, power and energy monitoring, etc., another 32-bit MCU Prices are further lower, the difference between the 8-bit MCU and the 32-bit MCU is narrowing.


Motor system energy efficiency is the trend. To enhance the energy efficiency rating, the Ministry of Industry announced in June this year, the motor energy efficiency improvement program (2013 ~ 2015), by 2015, to achieve the upgrading of motor products, 50% of the low-voltage three-phase cage asynchronous motor products, 40% of high-voltage motor products To achieve efficient motor energy efficiency standards; cumulative promotion of efficient motor 170 million kilowatts, out of 160 million kilowatts inexpensive motor, the implementation of the electrical system energy-saving technological transformation of 100 million kilowatts, the implementation of the elimination of motor re-manufacturing 20 million kilowatts.

  But only with a high-efficiency motor to replace the ordinary motor on the entire motor system to enhance the energy efficiency is not obvious, the entire motor system is the real energy saving. Therefore, inverter, servo, inverter and dedicated motor drive are used in a large number of lifts, welding machines, fans, pumps, compressors, electric vehicle motors, air conditioning compressors, washing machine motors and refrigerator compressors. The inverter, servo drive, inverter and dedicated controller in the IPM module, IGBT and MOSFET on energy saving play a key role. Customers are demanding more and more of these power devices, such as lower product costs, more compact package sizes, better thermal performance, and the need for power device diversification, such as low-power devices, compact design High-power devices, low-voltage high-power devices, high current high voltage devices and so on.

Talking about the trend of motor technology

FOC and other digital control prevails

Erlendur Kristjansson, product marketing manager for Microchip's 16-bit Microcontroller Products Division, said that with the improvement of energy efficiency requirements by governments and consumers, advanced digital control methods such as magnetic field orientation control (FOC) are used in motor control applications Use more and more. Microchip's continued commitment to supporting advanced motor control designs in these areas is increasing due to increased demand for efficiency and performance in home appliances, automotive, HVAC, industrial automation and IT.

The motor control market is constantly looking for more energy efficient solutions. In the near future, more systems will be converted to the use of magnetic field orientation control (FOC) method to achieve higher energy efficiency. Pursuit of more efficient trends will also increase the market share of more efficient motor types such as AC induction motors (ACIM), brushless DC motors (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM).

BLDC and PMSM are cool

STMicroelectronics (ST) China Microcontroller Division expert engineer Jiang Jianguo also believes that the global energy consumption in the context of efficient energy-efficient motor to become the consensus of the development of the global motor industry. Inefficient AC induction motors are gradually being eliminated, and people are turning to efficient alternatives such as brushless DC (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). Permanent magnet synchronous motor to small size, torque, high efficiency, low noise characteristics, in industrial control, home appliances applications, electric vehicles and other fields are increasingly widely used. In order to achieve the best motor performance (torque, energy efficiency) in a transient environment and significantly reduce the noise level, the magnetic field orientation vector control (FOC) is the most widely used technology today.

Motor program customization, more according to the needs of customers to solve the better program, there is no risk, only forward efforts and technological innovation! Recommended Shenzhen Zhengdezhi Control Co., Ltd., MAINTEX has been professional! Welcome to consult!



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