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Stepper motor common troubleshooting how permanent magnet stepper motor survives

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Stepper motor common troubleshooting how permanent magnet stepper motor survives

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First, the status of stepper motor and development prospects:

With the increasing reform and opening up and the impact of the WTO, nearly three decades, especially in the past decade, China's micro-motor market has been attracting domestic and foreign electrical and electrical enterprises of all ages. Including Germany and Germany to protect the motor, Japan's Sanyo Electric, Japan's Matsushita Electric and some domestic small and medium enterprises.

      But the domestic brands started late, compared to international brands or no small gap. At present, the industrial micro-current motor, international brands such as Han De Bao motor, Sanyo Electric can do more than 2000 hours of service life, while the domestic average of only 1000 hours, the main reasons are: product technology, product materials and motor structure Wait. International brand brushless DC motor efficiency can be done more than 80%, domestic manufacturers can only reach about 65% manufacturers. The international brand of stepper motor has long been developed into a high-performance hybrid structure of the stepper motor, compared to the domestic hybrid stepper motor started in the 1990s, there are still significant differences in performance. As the domestic production equipment, electronic technology is relatively backward, lack of capital investment and talent scarce, in high-performance, high-quality motor, such as five-phase hybrid stepper motor, brushless current motor, AC servo motor, linear motor And so the gap is even greater.


Second, the application of stepper motor and Q & A

At present, compared to the servo motor, brushless motor, the domestic use of stepper motor enterprises more, stepper motor technology is more mature some of the demand is also larger, the following main look at some of the stepper motor Basic problem.

1, stepper motor definition?

The stepper motor is an actuator that converts electrical pulses into angular displacements. It is popular to say that when the stepper motor driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor to rotate a fixed angle (and step angle) in the set direction. You can control the number of pulses to control the amount of angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; At the same time you can control the pulse frequency to control the motor speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of motor speed.

2, the type of stepper motor?

Stepper motor is divided into three kinds: permanent magnet (PM), reactive (VR) and hybrid (HB)

Permanent magnet step is generally two-phase, torque and volume is small, the step angle is generally 7.5 degrees or 15 degrees; reaction step is generally three-phase, can achieve large torque output, step angle is generally 1.5 Degrees, but the noise and vibration are great. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries 80 years have been eliminated; hybrid step is mixed with permanent magnet and the advantages of reactive. It is divided into two-phase and five-phase: two-phase step angle is generally 1.8 degrees and five-step steep angle is generally 0.72 degrees. This stepper motor is the most widely used.

3. What is the holding torque (HOLDINGTORQUE)?

Holding Torque (HOLDINGTORQUE) refers to the moment the stator locks the rotor when the stepper motor is energized but does not rotate. It is one of the most important parameters of the stepper motor, and the torque of the stepper motor at low speed is usually close to the holding torque. Since the output torque of the stepper motor is constantly attenuated with increasing speed and the output power also changes with increasing speed, keeping the torque becomes one of the most important parameters to measure the stepper motor. For example, when people say that the 2N.m stepper motor, in the absence of special instructions, means a stepper motor with a torque of 2N.m.

4.DETENTTORQUE refers to what?

DETENTTORQUE is the case where the stator locks the torque of the rotor when the stepper motor is not energized. DETENTTORQUE in the country there is no uniform way of translation, easy to make everyone misunderstand; because the reaction stepper motor rotor is not permanent magnet material, so it does not DETENTTORQUE.

5. Stepping motor precision?

Stepper motor accuracy is usually 3-5% of the stepping angle, and not cumulative.

6. What is the limit value of the external temperature of the stepper motor?

Stepping motor temperature is too high will first demagnetize the magnetic material of the motor, which leads to the decline in torque and even out of step, so the motor to allow the maximum temperature limit should depend on the different motor magnetic material demagnetization point; Material demagnetization points are more than 130 degrees Celsius, and some even up to more than 200 degrees Celsius, so stepper motor exterior temperature at 80-90 degrees Celsius is completely normal.

The development of permanent magnet stepper motor is also constantly with the times of updating and development in the effort with the new technology, but also a conform to the development of the times! In today's era of requirements, every company is constantly in the technical innovation and the acquisition of technology research and development centers, etc., which is a technical manifestation, permanent magnet stepper motor development is inevitable, but also certainly!

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