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High efficiency stepper motor drive program is not the same as the permanent magnet stepper motor

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High efficiency stepper motor drive program is not the same as the permanent magnet stepper motor

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The machine is widely used in all areas of people working and living, such as printers, copiers, fax machines, projectors, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, gas stoves, cameras, ATM machines, electric sewing machines, security cameras, vending machines , Hot water supply systems, garden irrigation systems and industrial automation.

In energy conservation more and more attention today, energy-efficient drive motor is particularly important. From the type point of view, the motor includes AC motor, DC brush motor, brushless DC motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, servo motor and stepper motor. Among them, the stepper motor with pulse work, also known as digital motor or pulse motor. The rotation angle of the stepper motor is proportional to the number of pulses and the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. The number of pulses can be used to precisely control the rotation of the stepper motor, making it ideal for positioning applications.


Stepping motor drive applications common challenges

Motor drives can be used in a variety of different applications. Design engineers face some common challenges when designing motor drives. First of all, most of today's designs require motor-driven applications and related motor-driven ICs and components to provide low power and energy efficiency. For example, if the fan driver circuit board is inside the sealed housing, heat is generated, requiring additional energy to cool it. Therefore, you need to use the built-in fan in the internal circulation of cold air to reduce heat and manage heat dissipation. So engineers may require low power consumption, but also requires a powerful, with energy-efficient cooling function of the motor.

Second, from the end user point of view, it is extremely necessary to reduce the noise generated by the motor to avoid the feeling of discomfort. The designer must also be able to compensate for any external noise or vibration in the system. Again, whether it is because of limited living space or user preferences, consumer demand for compact solutions is an ordinary consumer trends. This trend leads to smaller size and low noise motors that are more preferred, but this is not always possible when trying to compensate for other design requirements.

It is worth noting that the durability and safety of motors and motor drives are critical due to the requirement of high voltage power supplies to drive applications such as white appliances and industrial applications. Let alone engineers need to choose a reliable motor that can precisely control the speed.

The working principle of permanent magnet type and hybrid stepping motor

Stepper motors are often used in precision control applications and use micro-stepping technology to reduce motor vibration. Figure 2 shows the permanent magnet type stepper motor and hybrid stepper motor working principle diagram. Stepper motors operate as digital pulses, often referred to as synchronous motors or pulsed motors. The stepper motor controls the rotation by turning on and off the MOSFET.

      When the current flows through the MOSFET switches OUT1 and OUT2, the position of the permanent magnet rotor is shown in the figure on the left. Control the current of OUT1, 2, 3 and 4, you can control the rotor position. The angle is proportional to the number of pulses, and the speed is proportional to the frequency of the pulse. You can control the rotor position precisely by positioning the number of pulses to make it suitable for positioning.

Many people for the permanent magnet stepper motor or to maintain this certain confusion to understand, in fact, this is normal, the real research people will understand, no relationship, these can be slowly to understand!



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