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Application of Permanent Magnet Stepping Motor in Industry

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Application of Permanent Magnet Stepping Motor in Industry

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(A) stepper motor selection

Stepper motor has a step angle (involving the number of phases), static torque, and current three elements. Once the three elements are determined, the stepper motor model is determined.

1, the choice of step angle

The step angle of the motor depends on the load accuracy requirements, and the minimum resolution (equivalent) of the load is converted to the motor shaft, and the angle at which each equivalent motor should go (including deceleration). The step angle of the motor should be equal to or less than this angle. Currently on the market stepper motor step angle generally 0.36 degrees /0.72 degrees (five-phase motor), 0.9 degrees / 1.8 degrees (two, four-phase motor), 1.5 degrees / 3 degrees (three-phase motor) and so on.

2, the choice of static torque

The dynamic moment of the stepper motor is hard to determine at once, and we tend to determine the static moment of the motor first. Static torque selection is based on the motor load, and the load can be divided into inertial load and friction load two. A single inertial load and a single friction load are not present. Direct start (usually by the low speed) when the two kinds of load should be considered to accelerate the main consideration when the inertia load, constant speed operation into the friction as long as the load. Under normal circumstances, the static torque should be 2-3 times the friction load is good, static torque once selected, the motor base and length can be determined down (geometric size)

3, the choice of current

Static torque of the same motor, due to different current parameters, its operating characteristics vary widely, according to the frequency characteristics of the curve, to determine the motor current (reference drive power, and drive voltage)

4, torque and power conversion

Stepper motor is generally in a wide range of speed control, the power is changing, generally only to measure the torque, torque and power conversion is as follows:

P= Ω·M Ω=2π·n/60 P=2πnM/60 

Its P is the power unit is watts, Ω is the angular velocity per second, the unit is radians, n is the rotational speed per minute, M is the torque unit is Newton meters

P = 2πfM / 400 (half step)

Where f is the number of pulses per second (referred to as PPS)


(B), permanent magnet stepper motor applications in the attention point

1, stepper motor used in low-speed occasions --- the speed per minute does not exceed 1000 rpm, (0.9 degrees 6666PPS), preferably in the 1000-3000PPS (0.9 degrees) between the use of the device through the reducer to work here, At this time the motor work efficiency is high, low noise.

2, the stepper motor is best not to use the whole step state, the whole step when the vibration.

3, due to historical reasons, only the nominal 12V voltage of the motor using 12V, the other motor voltage is not the drive voltage volts, according to the drive to select the drive voltage (recommended: 57BYG DC 24V-36V, 86BYG DC 50V, 110BYG is higher than the DC 80V), of course, 12 volts in addition to 12V constant voltage drive can also use other drive power, but to consider the temperature rise.

4, the inertia of the load should be selected large machine size motor.

5, the motor in the high speed or large inertia load, the general is not working speed start, and the use of gradually up to speed, a motor does not step out, two can reduce the noise at the same time can improve the positioning accuracy of the stop.

6, high precision, should be through the mechanical slowdown, improve the motor speed, or the use of high-fractions of the drive to solve, you can also use 5-phase motor, but the whole system more expensive, less manufacturers, which was eliminated It is a jargon.

7, the motor should not work in the vibration zone, if it must be able to change the voltage, current or add some damping solution.

8, the motor at 600PPS (0.9 degrees) the following work should be used small current, large inductor, low voltage to drive.

9, should follow the first election after the election principle of the motor.

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