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Two-phase stepper motor principle What is the permanent magnet stepper motor

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Two-phase stepper motor principle What is the permanent magnet stepper motor

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Simply put, the industrial motor with three-phase system, the ordinary small toy motor two-phase can also be. Take the toy motor. Up and down are two magnets. The middle is the coil. After the direct current, it became electromagnet. The upper and lower magnets are attracted to the deflection. But because the two wires connecting the electromagnets are not directly connected. Is used in the position of the shaft with a sliding contact piece. So if the electromagnet turned his head, the original two lines connected to the electromagnet just the opposite. So the electromagnet n pole s pole and the opposite of the previous. But the motor up and down the magnet is the same. So you can continue to attract the middle of the electromagnet. When the electromagnet continues to turn. As the inertia turned away again. So the electrode is the opposite. Repeat the above process.

But he is defective. Because it is necessary to change the electrode when it is necessary to rely on inertia. So he is not conducive to their own start. Power is also not high. So it produced a three-phase motor. Put a magnet every 120 degrees. Distributed in the motor circle. Such a motor has improved a lot.

Also note. Not necessarily the magnet must be outside. Can put inside. While the outside is the electromagnet. Common power plants are roughly the structure of the motor.

The motor is not necessarily used as a mechanical power. Can also be used as a small generator. For example, with a diesel machine to produce a continuous torque, connected to the motor. You can power up.

If the middle of a magnet. Outside the discharge magnet to attract the middle of the magnet. Or from the two phases. If the upper side of an electromagnet to produce magnetic force on the magnet n suck to the top, and then just the positive and negative electromagnet reversed, then produce repulsion to push the n pole to the bottom. The same reason is also the middle of the magnet to produce suction and repulsion. But we all want to know. There is also an inertia problem in the exchange of two phases. It is just when the magnet and the magnet are straight down.

So the three-phase, obviously better than the two-phase. And the middle of the magnet is not necessarily have to be straight up and down the n pole and s pole of the magnet. You can put the three sons in the middle of the magnet, n poles outside. So that the outside of the three electromagnets turns to attract the middle of the n-pole magnet.

If the bearing sliding friction is small enough. As long as the electromagnet changes. You can continue to attract the middle of the three n-pole magnet to produce deflection rotation. Electromagnet changes the magnetic pole speed, the middle of the bearing rotation fast. Electromagnet change speed is the frequency of the. The frequency of the power plant is constant. So you can use the frequency of the machine to change the frequency of electricity you need. You can control the speed of the motor.

Another motor is not necessarily three-phase, it can be four like. Five-phase, six of the seven. But because we did the test done. Too much phase, the electromagnetic interference with each other, and we also know that each electromagnet power, is a waste of electricity. Because the electromagnet is a coil wound in a wire. But the wires have resistance. If you make a six-motor, the power consumption is twice the 3-phase motor.


Industrial electricity is just three-phase system, 380v. So connecting a three-phase motor is very suitable.

If you ask me why the industry is three-phase electricity In fact, because to drive three-phase motor, only in the power plant when the power generation device to make a slight change, you can output three-phase power.

To achieve the mechanical energy and AC power conversion of the machinery. Due to the tremendous development of AC power system, AC motor has become the most commonly used motor. AC motor and DC motor compared to the absence of commutator (see DC motor commutation), so simple structure, easy manufacturing, relatively strong, easy to make high speed, high voltage, high current, large capacity motor. AC motor power coverage is very large, from a few watts to several hundred thousand kilowatts, or even millions of kilowatts. In the early 1980s, the largest turbo-generator had reached 1.5 million kilowatts.

       AC motor according to its function is usually divided into alternating current generator, AC motor and synchronous camera several categories. Since the reversibility of the motor operating state (see the motor), the same motor can be a motor but also as a generator. The motor into a generator and a motor is not very accurate, but some major motor as a generator to run some motors mainly for the motor is running.

AC motor by the species points are synchronous motor, asynchronous motor two categories. Synchronous motor rotor speed ns and rotating magnetic field speed is the same, known as the synchronous speed. Ns has a strict relationship with the frequency (f) of the received alternating current and the number of poles (P) of the motor

Ns = f / P In China, the power supply frequency is 50 Hz, so the synchronous speed of the two-pole motor is 3000 rpm, and the synchronous speed of the four-pole motor is 1500 rpm. Asynchronous motor rotor speed is always lower than or higher than its rotating magnetic field speed, the name of the asynchronous. Asynchronous motor rotor speed and rotating magnetic field speed difference (called the slip) is usually less than 10%. It can be seen, AC motor (whether it is synchronous or asynchronous) speed by the power frequency constraints. Therefore, the AC motor speed is more difficult, the best way is to change the frequency of power, and in the past to change the power frequency is more complex. So before the 70s, in the requirements of the speed of the occasion, multi-use DC motor. With the development of power electronics technology, AC motor frequency control technology has begun to be practical.

AC motor generally use three-phase system, because the three-phase AC motor and single-phase motor compared to the performance indicators, raw material utilization and price, etc. have obvious advantages. The same power of the three-phase motor than the single-phase motor small size, light weight, low prices. Three-phase motor has self-starting capability. Single-phase motor has no starting torque, in order to solve the starting problem, need to take some special measures (see single-phase asynchronous motor). Single-phase motor torque is pulsating, the noise is relatively large, but the required power is relatively simple, especially in the home is very convenient to use. So small home motor and instrument with more motor single-phase motor

Answer: I village tractor - lifts five 1-2 20:05

The stepper motor is an open-loop control element that converts an electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line displacement. In the case of non-overload, the motor speed, stop the location depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, without the impact of load changes, that is, to the motor plus a pulse signal, the motor is a step angle. The existence of this linear relationship, coupled with the stepper motor only periodic error without cumulative error and so on. So that in the speed, position and other control areas with stepper motor to control the change is very simple.

Although the stepper motor has been widely used, but the stepper motor and can not like ordinary DC motor, AC motor under normal use. It must be double ring pulse signal, power drive circuit and other components of the control system can be used. So it is not easy to use stepper motor, it involves the mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer and many other professional knowledge.

At present, the production of stepper motor manufacturers do a lot, but with professional and technical personnel, to develop their own, the development of the manufacturers are very few, most of the manufacturers only one or twenty people, even the most basic equipment are not. Only in a blind imitation stage. This gives the user in the product selection, use caused a lot of trouble. Signed in the above situation, we decided to take a wide range of induction sub-stepper motor as an example. Describe its basic working principle. Hope to the majority of users in the selection, use, and machine improvement to help.

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