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Do you know how permanent magnet stepper motor works?

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Do you know how permanent magnet stepper motor works?

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The permanent magnet stepper motor is an open-loop control element stepper motor that converts an electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line displacement. In the case of non-overload, the speed of the motor, the stop position depends only on the frequency and the number of pulses of the pulse signal, and is not affected by the load change. When the stepping driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor Set the direction of rotation of a fixed angle, known as the "step angle", its rotation is a fixed angle step by step to run. Can control the number of pulses to control the angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; at the same time by controlling the pulse frequency to control the motor speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed.

The working principle is: usually the motor rotor for the permanent magnet, when the current flows through the stator winding, the stator winding to produce a vector magnetic field. The magnetic field will drive the rotor to rotate at an angle so that the direction of the pair of magnetic fields of the rotor coincides with the direction of the magnetic field of the stator. When the stator's vector magnetic field rotates an angle. The rotor also rotates with the magnetic field at an angle. Each time an electric pulse is input, the motor rotates one angle forward. The angular displacement of the output is proportional to the number of pulses entered and the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. Change the order of the winding power, the motor will reverse. It is possible to control the rotation of the stepping motor by the number of control pulses, the frequency and the energization sequence of each phase winding of the motor.


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