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How to look at the new pattern of treadmill industry development from the treadmill controller

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How to look at the new pattern of treadmill industry development from the treadmill controller

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After ten years of rapid development, the development of treadmill industry more and more developed. According to statistics, as of the end of 2013, the national market treadmill ownership has been as high as 100 million, treadmill industry with the product life cycle of the law from the growth, maturity gradually into the inflection point, the arrival of the recession seems impossible avoid. Treadmill industry marketing three board ax: advertising, promotion, price war can not escape the marginal utility of the decline of the classic principles of economics, increasingly lose the effect of all the treadmill manufacturers a loss, at a loss Due to the special nature of the industry, grassroots this label has been accompanied by the growth of the treadmill industry. It is also because of the special nature of the grassroots, the electric car is more close to the people's livelihood needs, creating a decade of the treadmill industry explosion growth myth. But with the industry gradually into the mature and recession, it is clear that only as a grassroots and in the abnormal cruel market competition to survive, is so unrealistic. Faced with such a complex living environment, electric car business should be how to deal with, I will from the following aspects to explore.跑步机控制器

Channel integration. As the industry target customer base is mainly concentrated in the county and other rural areas, the price of a higher degree of sensitivity, so the price war is still the industry's preferred mode of competition. The huge scale of sales brought about by the size of the effect is undoubtedly, because of its lower procurement costs, and thus in product cost control has a certain advantage. Of course, in recent years, the huge investment in brand promotion, so that the cost of marketing costs in the amortization has been high, resulting in its end product prices do not have a certain comparative advantage. Of course, the brand's shape to bring consumer awareness of the huge benefits to enable it to maintain long-term industry leader, where we do not do too much discussion. Terminal customer demand is mainly in the product cost-effective, because the industry's product differentiation is not obvious, homogeneity is extremely serious, so the market price is still the determinant of product sales. From the perspective of the value chain, due to the nature of the current channel, dealers inevitably layers of fare increases, so the product to the consumer when the product price at least more than 500 yuan ex-factory price. Dealers for their own interests, naturally, to the treadmill manufacturers to seek more preferential policies to further increase the product factory and the terminal market price difference. For the larger dealers, the channel's bargaining power gradually increased, kidnapping treadmill manufacturers phenomenon has emerged. In fact, the channel has been to the home appliance industry has brought a profound lesson, the United States Suning's super ability to force a lot of well-known home appliance manufacturers had to lower three four. We also need to put the tragedy of the appliance industry in the electric car industry re-staged? So how do we cut off the dealer, right, cut off the dealer. Only the dealer can be cut off the traditional chain of links in order to cut off the dealer to increase the price of this link to ensure that the ex-factory price and the market price of the lowest price difference, the maximum benefit to consumers. There are many specific ways, do not do a detailed discussion here, such as the acquisition of a larger channel, set up sales subsidiaries, so that the original dealer does not make the difference, and go real when the vehicle manufacturers shareholders, share the company Long-term development of the benefits, these are the specific methods of channel integration. Of course, the original dealer is not completely out of the relationship with the business, their businessman from the identity of the shareholders to benefit from the company's long-term development. By the local dealer to deal with local relations matters, but not less or less involved in the management of stores, large-scale use of CRM systems, unified price, at any time to grasp the store inventory, sales information, product information to achieve accurate information collection and sales forecast information , So as to develop a company-wide unified sales strategy and implementation strategy, and finally a comprehensive meet customer needs.

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