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Treadmill with DC motor and AC motor What is the difference between treadmill motor knowledge

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Treadmill with DC motor and AC motor What is the difference between treadmill motor knowledge

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跑步机电机Treadmill motor DC motor:

1. National implementation standards: DC motor life of 2,000 hours

2. DC motor carbon brush life of 500 hours, need to be replaced once

3. DC motor can cause continuous use of carbon brush heat generated carbon deposition, easy to leakage

4. DC motor continuous use for too long, will lead to: a. Produce high current, the motor hot, and even burn the power board; b. Prone to over-current protection, automatic shutdown

Treadmill motor AC motor:

1. AC motor with frequency, there is an error display window, will automatically detect the fault and display the corresponding code, what problems will be clear

2. Compared with the DC motor, the same number of AC motor output power will be greater than the DC motor

3. AC motor without carbon brush, so there will be no drawbacks of DC motor

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