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The Technique of Selecting the Power Size of Shenzhen Treadmill Motor

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The Technique of Selecting the Power Size of Shenzhen Treadmill Motor

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Treadmill motor is equivalent to the big heart of the human body, if the motor motor was not selected, then the treadmill other configurations, such as shock absorption, running belt, material and other parameters no matter how Niubi is no good, we look at Taobao those treadmill , Will find different price of the motor motor power is not the same, there are 2.5HP, 3.5HP, 4.0HP and 4.5HP these four parameters, then these motor power values are different, we choose which power is appropriate?

1, do not simply look at the treadmill motor power

First of all, the market treadmill motor power labeling, in fact, is divided into two kinds, one is the peak motor power, one is the continuous motor power. Continuous motor power: motor motor is the highest continuous operation of the motor power, and peak power: the motor can withstand the highest point of the power value. So, we look at the treadmill motor power, should you watch the constant motor power value, or look at the maximum motor power value? Of course, depends on the value of the continuous motor power! This must be remembered.

But the current domestic treadmill motor power value marked on the strict uniform standards. So many domestic treadmill businessmen, like the motor power parameters marked on the maximum motor power value, and the international import treadmill, marked in the motor is often more stringent, will be marked with continuous motor power.跑步机电机

Of course, the domestic treadmill market competition is too intense, so many domestic treadmill manufacturers are marked with the maximum motor power value, if I only marked the continued power value, and consumers are not Understand the difference between the maximum power and continuous power, then how my product based on the market, so only drift, motor motor parameters, only marked the maximum motor power value.

2, treadmill motor quality is also very important

Very simple, because Ai Kang is an imported treadmill, its 2.5HP is a continuous motor power, and 100 million is a domestic treadmill, the 3.5HP marked is the maximum motor power, then the motor is still 2.5HP or so, but do not forget , And Aikang is a world-class brand treadmill, the motor quality technology is a world-class level, although the use of US imports of health, although the United States imported motor, but love Kang, sole such international treadmill compared to, or dwarfs, not a Comparison level.

Treadmill motor

Because the treadmill motor is the most difficult consumable, if you choose the motor motor quality is good, fully meet the electric treadmill 5-8 years of life, and good motor is often used in high-speed motor, dynamic sound strong, sound Smooth, it is like Fl cars and planes, because the motor speed is very fast, so the motor power is relatively large. In turn, if the motor quality does not work, then in the high-speed operation, there will be "creak" screams, so that the life of the motor is not long to maintain.

There is also a motor heat dissipation. Good motor generally rose to 60 degrees temperature that is more balanced, if the temperature is still rising, then the balance of the motor is often very high and durable, but also the most likely to bad when the motor, so the heat for the motor is a Very important consideration.

So why some people say that some imported treadmill, the appearance is not as good as domestic treadmill, but the price Han so expensive? This is the penny of goods.

Dual motor mute motor

What kind of treadmill do we choose?

First of all, we choose treadmill, must be a regular and well-known brands, these brands have their flagship store in Taobao, the motor motor quality are good, are constant temperature motor, heat dissipation is good, life is stable.

In addition, for the good sales of Zhengde Zhisheng treadmill motor, we can recommend to buy.

How to choose the power of the treadmill motor?

Although almost all of the treadmill baby details, in the introduction of their own treadmill said to be able to load more than 220 pounds, which is right. But I suggest that you have to consider from a long-term perspective, because you can not want to buy after the treadmill. And the different motor power and the size of the running band is a positive correlation, that is to say the greater the motor power, the need to run the larger size.



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