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How to choose the treadmill motor

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How to choose the treadmill motor

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For treadmills, the motor is the heart of the treadmill. In general, the greater the horsepower, the higher the stability of the treadmill motor, the higher the cost, the higher the price. But blindly pursuit of high power on the wrong, the power is not the bigger the better, too much power but will be more power, bring more noise. Therefore, the choice of the right power of the motor is very important.跑步机电机

The unit of the motor: horsepower, that is, HP. In fact, the HP is the maximum power of the running function, the peak power of the motor can supply the maximum power, that is, the moment, if the motor continues to run at this power, over time will damage the motor, which greatly affect the treadmill life.

So here we mention a sub-parameter other than the peak, that is, CHP, which refers to the safe operation of the motor can be stable and continuous transmission of power, that is usually treadmill to force, completely determined by the continuous power value. Actual work, the continuous power is not equal to the rated power, continuous power will be larger than the rated power, generally about 1.2 times. The peak power is the power that the motor can achieve in an instant, typically 1.8 times the rated power.

On the home treadmill motor, 1.2CHP motor can meet the needs of the family mild movement. If it is fitness to lose weight, jogging, you can appropriately improve the parameters required, in general, 2.0CHP has been more than enough.

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