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Sally Yi  (Sales Manager )
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Shenzhen Maintex Intelligent Control Co.,Ltd


Sep. 28th, 2012

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All kinds of precision micro motor manufacturing and sales,and embedded system software system development etc.

Registered capital

RMB:40 Million Yuan


913  (till Dec. 31st, 2016)

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Maintex Technology Park,No.8 Kangming Road,Pingdi sub-district,Longgang District,Shenzhen .

Email : pd8@maintexpt.com


Maintex Technology Park

Maintex R&D Center

   Maintex owns existing factory more than 26 thousand square meters, net assets over billions of dollars, nearly a thousand employees, and over 30 production lines with the annual output of more than 35 million units.The product of Maintex covering over twenty countries and regions around the world, and has been widely praised by customers.    At present, the company's main products are precision permanent- magnet stepping motor, permanent magnet DC motors, brushless DC motors, precision gear motor, rotary transformer and other micro motor products, as well as the treadmill motor control system, train model, electric pump and electromechanical integration products.    Products are widely used in security systems, financial systems, industrial control systems, vehicle systems, retail services and office automation and other fields.At the same time, the company also provide personalized application solutions of micro electromechanical products.       Maintex strives to realise products diversification and differentiation, and to build the leading enterprise in the motor industry.The brand MAINTEX has become a high  recognition brand in presicion and intelligent control industry with a short period of time.  Welcome send your information to our email: pd8@maintexpt.com 

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